1000 µL xTIP4, pre-sterilized, racked

1000 µL XTIP4, Pre-sterilized, Racked

SKU: ES80428

Unit of Measure: 768/pack



- Non-filtered, low-retention, pre-sterilized, racked tip

- X-Resin® is a low retention surface that maximizes sample recovery

- The low retention surface improves accuracy across your experiments

- Blade® minimizes surface tension and eliminates hanging droplet formation

- Blade® Saves time by reducing the need for tip touch off and increases accuracy and precision

- FlexFit® provides flexibility on the proximal end of tips, dramatically minimizing the necessary insertion to make a secure seal

- StarStop® is a positive technology which reduces ejection force on LTS pipettes

- Sterile

- Compatible with the Lite Touch™ from Rainin®

Lite TouchTM and Rainin® are a registered trademarks of Mettler-Toledo Intl.

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