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Eosinophil stain, 16 oz.

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Our Eosinophil Stain is a simple procedure for the staining and examination of nasal smears according to guidelines established by the College of American Pathologists. Eosinophils from nasal smears can be easily distinguished from other granulocytes when performing a cytochemical stain. The basis of this evaluation relies on the eosinophilic-neutrophilic ration as emphasized by Hansel in the mid 1900’s. Hansel Stain, a combination of Wright’s and Giemsa stains will cause eosinophils to stain red while the remaining cells and background material will stain blue.

Storage Conditions
Store at controlled room temperature (15-30°C). Keep bottle tightly closed when not in use. Do not use after expiration date specified on bottle label. Indication of deterioration: Excessive precipitation in reagent is an indication of degradation.

Specimen Collection & Preparation
Nasal secretions taken preferably from both nostrils. Mucoid gross masses are preferred over thin-watery material. Gross masses are used for staining.

Materials Provided: Eosinophil Stain

Materials Not Provided:
Deionized Water or Phosphate Buffer pH 6.4
Staining Rack
Microscope Slides
Immersion Oil

1. Set-up a staining rack over a sink.
2. Prepare slides as instructed under Specimen Collection.
3. Flood each specimen slide with ~1 mL or an adequate volume of the stain solution for a minimum of 25 to 30 seconds. Stain for a longer period of time if specimen is a thicker smear.
4. Repeat this procedure by adding an equal amount of deionized water or phosphate buffer directly to the stain solution on the slide. Allow to-stand for 30 seconds or longer for thicker smears.
5. Rinse with deionized water to remove excess stain. If staining is too dark, quickly rinse with methanol (5 seconds) to remove excess stain. Note: Do not use excess alcohol for rinsing. This may cause the blue stain to wash-out of the neutrophils leaving the nucleus pink in appearance. Blot edges of slide and allow to air dry. Examine using immersion oil.


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