About Our Company

How We Got Started

The oral glucose tolerance test beverage was nothing new, but we saw an opportunity to improve on what was currently available in the market. While most glucose drinks were being manufactured in beverage facilities, we strived for something better. What we created was a non-carbonated drink, free from BVO, manufactured in a pharmaceutical facility under strict quality standards. Then came Simply Pure®, a completely unique glucose drink, free of dyes and artificial flavors. This collection of glucose drinks continues to be one of our best-selling products. Since launching the glucose drink, Azer Scientific has grown to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of laboratory products, selling to customers all over the world.

Our Products

Azer Scientific’s current catalog covers a wide range of products for use in clinical, research, and industrial laboratories. Our product line is continually growing to meet our customers’ needs. We will work with you to develop new and innovative products that will help shape the future of diagnostics. Not only do we aim to provide our customers with a quality product, we provide it at an exceptional value.

Looking Ahead

From its beginnings in 2003, Azer Scientific strives to provide customers with new and innovative products that solve problems and improve laboratory workflow.
This still holds true today as we continue to develop intelligent solutions, as well as valuable,cost-saving options for our customers.

The Azer Team

With over 30 years of laboratory expertise, our team at Azer Scientific is knowledgeable, motivated, and eager to assist you. We are here to provide technical support and detailed product information to ensure our customers are getting the product to best suit their application. We understand the crucial role that laboratory professionals play in the diagnosis, treatment, and research of diseases, and we want to ensure that they have the best products available to them as they continue to make a difference in the lives of patients everywhere. Our professional staff is available to make your Azer buying experience convenient, efficient, and enjoyable.