Sapphire Advance 96-Well Capmat, Pierce-able (“-” perforation), Non-Sterile, Silicone

Sapphire Advance 96-Well Capmat, Pierce-able (“-” Perforation), Non-Sterile, Silicone

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Unit of Measure: 10/pack, 50/case



Compression molded silicone sealing mats with 6.5mm diameter round plugs, are designed for narrow well, or half-volume 96-well storage and assay plates.  Produced from the highest quality research grade silicone, they are specially designed to provide a positive and airtight seal.  Mats fit tightly into wells preventing evaporation of VOCs, sample loss in storage, cross contamination, and reducing the risk of aerosols and pathogens venting during the automation process.  They work in a wide range of temperatures for incubation and storage applications; especially for storage at higher temperatures or for applications involving aggressive solvents.

These seals pare well with automation as-well-as manual laboratory protocols.  Often used in high-throughput applications or those involving accessing the sample through the cover multiple times.  High quality silicone, resists coring and tearing reducing the risk or mat particulate entering the well.  Well perforations will seal themselves, after penetration, ensuring an airtight closure.
These mats are chemically resistant and reusable; containing no adhesives or extractables to contaminate samples.  Made of research-grade silicone, they can be autoclaved, and following a 10% bleach wash and ethanol rinse protocol may be reused.
Printed alpha numeric grid for easy reference.

Temperature Range: -40C to 80C
Made from research grade silicone; no mold release agents 
RNase, DNase, DNA, and Pyrogen Free Certification

Compatible with ES53482 

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