Agarose, Low Melt 100 g

Agarose, Low Melt 100 G

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This low melt agarose can be used to resolve samples from 200bp to 25kb. It is perfect for prep gels as it has a melting point well below denaturation temperatues (65°). The agarose remains liquid at 37°C, allowing for precedures such as a restriction digests and labeling to be carried out in the gel.


- Gel Strength: >200g/cm²  (1%)

- Gel Temperature: 26° to 30°C

- Melt Temperature: ≤65°C

- EEO (-mr): ≤0.1%

- Moisture Content: ≤10%

- Sulfate: ≤0.1%

- Storage Conditions: Room Temperature

- Resolution: 200bp to 25kbp

 - RNase, DNase, Protease, and Endonuclease free

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