Azer Electronic Pipettor, 50-1000 µL

Azer Electronic Pipettor, 50-1000 µL

SKU: ES81957

Unit of Measure: Each



This electronic pipette offers easy handling and easy programming with a one-dial system. Programs include 6 different settings: pipetting, dispensing, reverse pipetting, mixing, autocalibration, and speed control. Its speed control system ensures the highest precision and accuracy by controlling the piston movement. Another helpful feature is the easy self-calibration management system which notifies the user of errors and controls all functions, while allowing the user to calibrate the pipette as well. Ergonomically designed for comfortable and long-term use, these electronic pipettes featuring an ultra-bright OLED display, have been designed with the use in mind.

- Volume range: 50 - 1,000μL

- Autoclavable pipette cone (120°C/15min)