Azer Microtome Blades, High Profile

Azer Microtome Blades, High Profile

SKU: ES33675

Unit of Measure: 50/pack



Azer Microtome Blades have been engineered to consistently provide high quality sectioning over time. They feature a special coating allowing for a clean sectioning process that won’t scratch specimens and prevents curling. Additionally, these durable blades can be used to section the most difficult tissues and are recommended for the myoma of the uterus, the prostate, the mammary gland, the thyroid gland, the bronchial bones, and other similar tissues.

Each blade provides quality sectioning for 50-60 blocks for pathological specimens, and 35-40 blocks for anatomical specimens (with 3 micron sections).


- Edge Angle: 35

- Thickness: 0.32mm

- Dimensions: 80mm x 14mm

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Additional Information

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