BioPette™ A 12-Channel Pipette, 1 to 10 µL

BioPette™ A 12-Channel Pipette, 1 To 10 µL

SKU: ES81946-B12-10

Unit of Measure: Each



Biopette™ A Multichannel pipettes fit comfortably in either hand, with a large number display visible at all times. The volume adjustment wheel is slightly recessed to prevent accidental change. Volume setting can also be accomplished by turning the push-button. The plunger is positioned to reduce fatigue during extended use while the manifold rotates 360° for comfortable pipetting in any direction. Located near the plunger and accessed easily by the thumb, the tip ejector may be deactivated. Each channel has an individual, precision piston assembly to ensure accuracy and reproducibility from one pipetting series to the next as well as between channels. The insulated body protects the micrometer from the effects of hand warming, thus maintaining the pipette's precision, even after prolonged use.

- Curved ejector bar reduces ejection force by pushing the tips off in steps
- Ideal for high throughput and microplate applications
- Light weight and well balanced with a new manifold design
- Fully autoclavable

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