BioPette™ Plus 8-Channel Pipette, 20 to 200 µL

BioPette™ Plus 8-Channel Pipette, 20 To 200 µL

SKU: ES81946-P8-200

Unit of Measure: Each



The BioPette™ Multi-Channel Pipettors feature reduced pipetting force with a rotating 360° rotating manifold for comfortable pipetting in any direction. An individual piston suspension system allows even sealing of tips across all channels , eliminating the need for rocking the pipette. Each channel has an independent, precision piston assembly to ensure accuracy and reproducibility from one pipetting series to the next as well as between channels. The ergonomic handle fits comfortably in either the right or left hand and has a slightly recessed volume adjustment wheel with volume lock to prevent accidental change. 

- Precision designed tip cones provide leak-proof tip fit
- Continuously adjustable volume selection with thumbwheel or push-button
- Curved ejector bar reduces ejection force by pushing the tips off in steps
- Fully autoclavable

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Additional Information

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