Hematology Stain, Solution D, Fixative (Wescor)

Hematology Stain, Solution D, Fixative (Wescor)

SKU: ES946

Unit of Measure: 12 x 16 oz./case



Azer Scientific offers essential stains for the Wescor® Aerospray stainer and consist of Solution B Thiazine (azure-B and methylene blue) stain and Solution C Eosin stain, both buffered to pH 6.8. Staining solutions are complimented by the available rinse and fixative agents which combine to achieve the superior staining of the eosinophilic and basophilic cell components. Solution A is a light eosin rinse and Solution D is an anhydrous ethanol fixative. The stains and rinse solutions are aqueous based.