Iron Stain Kit

Iron Stain Kit

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Intended for use in the detection of ferric iron in tissues, blood smears, or bone marrow smears.  Abnormally large ferric iron deposits may be seen in hemochromatosis and hemosiderosis. This product is based on the Prussian Blue reaction in which ionic iron reacts with acid ferrocyanide producing a blue color.

Iron: Bright Blue

Nuclei: Red

Background: Pink

Bone or Blood Smears Sideroblasts: These are nucleated erythrocytes containing at least one small blue granule. If the blue granules surround the nucleus, the cell is a ringed sideroblast.

Siderocytes: These are non-nucleated erythrocytes containing at least one blue granule.

Reticuloendothelial Iron: Usually seen as blue particles on the marrow smear or as blue particles in the cytoplasm or phagocytic cells.

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