Permeable cell culture inserts, 12 nested inserts packed in 24 well plate, PET membrane, 3 µm, sterile

Permeable Cell Culture Inserts, 12 Nested Inserts Packed In 24 Well Plate, PET Membrane, 3 µm, Sterile


Unit of Measure: 10/case



Permeable Cell Culture Inserts mimic in vivo conditions

- Inserts center in wells, preventing membrane from touching sides and wicking between insert and side wall

- Membrane remains suspended above well bottom, allowing co-culture: grow one cell line inside insert, and another below in the well

- Ideal for co-culture, epithelial cell polarity, drug transfer assays, transport and permeability studies, migration assays, and cell-cell interaction studies

- Transfer cultures to fresh media by moving the insert to a new plate

- Transparent PET inserts permit sufficient optical transparency for visualization of cell outlines by phase contrast microscopy

- 0.4µm pore size is ideal for co-culture and drug transport studies

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Additional Information

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