Research Autoclave, 16 L

Research Autoclave, 16 L

SKU: ES59755

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This Research Autoclave was designed to meet your sterilization needs, while maintaining a safe, fully automatic operation. Simply load items (liquids, media, instruments, glassware, plasticware, and other research laboratory items) into the autoclave, select the desired program using the touch-screen feature, close the door, and press start! A “Dry Only” option can be selected to add drying time at the end of the cycle. All settings are customizable to meet your needs. In addition, to record settings and transfer them to a computer, simply insert a USB drive.

- Chamber Volume: 16L

- Max Pressure: 29 PSI / 2 Bar

- Chamber Dimensions: 9” x 13.75”

- Tray Dimensions: 6.5” x 10.75”

- Equipment Dimensions: 22” x 17.5” x 15.7”

- Weight: 89 lbs.

- Electrical: 120 or 230 V, 50-60Hz 950W

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