20 µL conductive tips, tray, dual-pack

20 µL Conductive Tips, Tray, Dual-pack

SKU: ES49005-0000

Unit of Measure: 4800/case



-   Conductive tips are produced under cleanroom conditions, they are tested to be free from Dnase, Rnase, ATP and pyrogens

-   With conductive tips, you can use the smallest amount of liquid and get the highest precision without any contamination

Compatible with the following automated systems:
Tecan (Genesis, Freedom EVO, MiniPrep, Cavro) 
Qiagen/Corbett (CAS 1200/4200/4800, QIAgility)
Perkin Elmer (Multiprobe II, Janus(mit probe-kopf))
Abbot Diagnostic: m2000

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