Sapphire Serological Pipette, 50 mL, black

Sapphire Serological Pipette, 50 ML, Black

SKU: ES81069

Unit of Measure: 100/box



Azer Scientific's Sapphire Serological Pipettes are the perfect choice for the best combination of quality, accuracy and price! Our 50 mL serological pipettes are available individually wrapped in boxes of 100 or bulk packaged in bags of 25 and 250 per box. Our serological pipettes are calibrated TD or "To Deliver", and feature a filter plug of breathable polyester fiber to create a protective liquid barrier that performs better than cotton plugs. Our strict manufacturing processes result in the highest degree of accuracy for our Serological Pipettes, with a+- of just 2%. Our Serological Pipettes are also certified DNAse, RNAse and pyrogen free!

Azer's Sapphire Serological Pipettes are the ideal choice for liquid handling in larger volumes, especially when pipetting and dispensing sterile cell culture media, fetal bovine serum, or any other sensitive media.

Our high quality yet affordable serological pipettes are the perfect compliment to the entire Sapphire Cell Culture product line, including our Tissue Culture Flasks, Tissue Culture Dishes, Tissue Culture Flasks, Bottle Top Filter Systems for filtering sterile cell culture media and more!

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