Unifrost™ Slide, Clipped Corner, Lilac (+)

Unifrost™ Slide, Clipped Corner, Lilac (+)


Unit of Measure: 72/box, 20 boxes/case

Regular Price: $512.40

Special Price $200.00



Our Unifrost™ microscope slides were specifically designed to spare you time and frustration.

- Slides feature a single frosted end and clipped corners which prevents sticking and jamming that can occur.

- Frosted ends are also resistant to all common chemicals used in the laboratory.

- Made from high-quality, white German glass. 

- Each slide is pre-cleaned with smooth, grounded edges.

- Prepared with a permanent adhesive which firmly anchors all types of specimen to the slide.

- Color variety enables organization in larger labs working with multiple specimen types (i.e. pink for breast tissue).

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Additional Information

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