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5mL Centrifuge Tube, Opaque Black, Sterile

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Azer Scientific’s 5mL centrifuge tubes are made from high-quality polypropylene and specially fitted with a cap providing a tight, leak proof seal which allows easy opening (or closing) with one hand. The cap to these centrifuge tubes is designed to handle temperatures from -86°C to +80°C while still maintaining a secure seal; they can also withstand being boiled for up to 10 minutes.

These tubes have the same diameter as standard 15mL centrifuge tubes, allowing seamless compatibility with various models and rotors alike. Contamination of pipettor shafts can be eliminated thanks to the tubes’ length being short of enough for standard 1mL and/or 5mL tips to reach its conical bottom. In many modern applications, 5mL centrifuge tubes have replaced their larger counterparts, reducing plastic waste as well as cutting down storage space and shipping costs.

How are centrifuge tubes different than other tubes?
Centrifuge tubes are precision-made with high-strength plastic (or glass), allowing them to withstand the force a centrifuge exerts on both the tubes and the samples inside. These tubes are meticulously manufactured to fit snuggly into the cavities of the machine, minimizing any vibrations or shifting caused by gaps between the tubes and the rotor. The conical shape of the bottom of centrifuge tubes aids in the separation of samples, allowing larger particles to settle in a concentrated point for easier access or avoidance depending on the application.

- Compatible with standard equipment

- Opaque Black (ideal for light sensitive applications)
- Snap-cap provides a secure seal and features a thin center for easy accessibility for a syringe/needle
- Easy-open flip top
- Syringe port in cap
- Unsurpassed Clarity
- Dual graduations at every 0.2mL and 0.5mL
- Certified RNase and DNase free
- Cap Lock (ES84688) is highly recommended to maintain sample integrity at temperatures above 80°C
- Our 5 mL tubes work great in our Azerfuge 5 a centrifuge designed specifically for use with 5 mL tubes
- Sterile

Capacity: 5mL
Material: Polypropylene
Temperature range: -86°C to +80°C
Dimensions: 16.5 x 54mm (not including rim and cap)
Maximum Centrifugal Force: 25,000 xg
Color: Black

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