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Parafilm®, 4" (W) X 38m (L)

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Parafilm® is a colorless, moisture-proof film which molds to surfaces and stretches tight to seal containers such as beakers, flasks, tubes, and petri dishes. These Parafilm® molds prevent evaporation and contamination of samples while simultaneously protecting anhydrous materials. For the most effective application, fold the film repeatedly and twist around sharp surfaces without rupturing, when tension is removed the Parafilm® will return to its original length. The sealing film becomes softer as its temperature increases and is specially interlined with paper to prevent adhering to work surfaces.

*Please Note: Parafilm® is not recommended for use with acetone, diethyl ether, or tetrachloride

What Does Parafilm Do?
Parafilm® is a commonly used tool in the laboratory, ranging from healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and research environments. Its main purpose is to cover and seal containers (tubes, flasks, beakers, etc.) quickly and easily without the need for specially fitted caps or lids.

Efficient and cost-effective covering for applications including:
- Test tubes
- Beakers
- Vials
- Petri dishes
- Flasks
- Instruments & objects with irregular surfaces
- Stoppers, lids, and caps
- Can act as a shelf or tray liner to prevent slipping

Effects of Common Reagents:
Potassium Permanganate
• 5%: No apparent effect except permanent dark brown coloration in 18 hours
• 0.1%: Same as 5% except slightly less color
Iodine solution (0.1N)
• No effect except staining brown in 18 hours
Ethyl Alcohol (95%)
• No apparent effect except some face whitening in 24 hours
No apparent effect in 24 hours:
• Hydrochloric Acid conc. (12N)dil. (5n)
• Sulphuric Acid conc. (36n) dil. (5n)
• Nitric Acid conc. (16n) dil. (5n)
• Sodium Hydroxide conc. (22%)
• Ammonium Hydroxide conc. (28% NH3)
• Salt (NACL) solution (20%)
• Isopropyl Alcohol (99%)
• Not recommended for use with chlorinated, non-polar aliphatic and aromatic solvents
• Film becomes soft and sticky at about 130°F to 150°F (68°C)

- Non-toxic and free from plasticizers, primarily composed of polyolefins and paraffin waxes offering good resistance against acids, alkalis and some organic solvents—use not recommended with acetone, diethyl ether or tetrachloride
- Protect the integrity of research applications with a tight moisture-barrier that holds a strong seal and doesn’t release from glassware, despite off-gassing
- Reduce the risk of tampered data with a covering that is odorless, colorless and semi-transparent
- Prevents moisture and volume loss due to material composition and tight seal
- Flexible and self-sealing material allows it to cling around irregular shapes and surfaces
- Stretches more than 200% of original length
- Resistant up to 48 hours against many polar substances such as saline solutions, inorganic acids and alkaline solutions
- Two color options available in 2” rolls (natural and purple) for color coding purposes
- Disposable

Material: Polyolefins and Paraffin Waxes
Type: Non-Sterile
Length: 125 ft (38m)
Width: 4 in
Color: Natural

*Parafilm® is a registered trademark of Bemis Company, Inc.

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