Unifrost™ Thermal Printer Microscope Slides, Charged

Unifrost™ Thermal Printer Microscope Slides, Charged


Unit of Measure: 72/box, 20 box/case


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Our microscope slides are made from high-quality, white German glass and pre-cleaned with smooth, grounded edges. 
Adhesive slides (+) are prepared with a permanent adhesive which rmly anchors all specimen types to the slide. 
- Compatible With: SlideMate™ AS Slide Printer, SlideMate™ Slide Printer, & Avantik Slide Printer™
- Corner: Non-clipped corner
- Dimensions: 75 x 25 x 1mm
Colors Cat. No. 
White EMS200W-TH+
Aqua EMS200A-TH+
Blue EMS200B-TH+
Green  EMS200G-TH+
Pink EMS200P-TH+
Yellow EMS200Y-TH+
SlideMate™ and SlideMate™ AS are trademarks of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc
Avantik Slide Printer™ is a trademark of Avantik Biogroup 
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Additional Information

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